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Tabbisocks strives to obtain high quality materials appropriate for any time of the year. Our Fall and Winter legwear uses materials such as wool. Likewise, our Summer legwear includes materials like organic cotton, linen, and silk. Examples of our signature designs include crochet, scrunchy, shimmery, and knee socks, with an emphasis on a variety of colors and knit patterns that can be worn daily and for any occasion.

足袋型の靴下を”Ninja Socks”というブランド名にしています。2006年販売当初より人気の柄である、「ラーメン」「寿司」「北斎」「ドラゴン」は、16年以上のロングセラーです。

Inspired by the traditional Japanese split-toe socks, Ninja Socks are sandal socks that offer Japanese cultural designs in modern and fun ways. Some of their popular designs include Kabuki, dragons, and geisha. They are all designed by our in-house designers.


アメリカの靴下専門店のバイヤーから「漢字の靴下がほしい」というリクエストから生まれた漢字のアート靴下ブランド。世界で活躍している書道家 西浦喜八郎氏の書にによるもので、「龍」「愛」「健」「美」「福」「忍」「侍」 の7文字です。彼からのメッセージも着けられています。

Each pair of socks is designed with a lucky Kanji character that is believed to bring you auspicious fortune and protection. The pair of Omamori “amulet” socks is meant to keep your heart grounded and your feet warm. Also, Kihachiro Sho is a collaboration between the craftsmen in Nara, Japan and Kihachiro’s calligraphy art.

近年海外では、袖の長いカーディガンやワンピースを”Kimono”という名前で一般的になっています。日本に眠っている羽織を”Kimono Jacket”として販売し、日本の伝統文化である着物を世界へ発信しています。

Kimono Zen provides authentic and vintage Japanese clothes and products with a modern twist. The company creates a warm and welcoming space where anyone who is interested in Japanese culture can freely experience it and take a piece of it home.


Replant Pairs

Sock pairs that help replant a tree
in California, Oregon, or Washington.


Replanted 4,524 trees (by September 30, 2022)

For every Replant Pairs you purchase, we’ll donate $1 to three NPOs that are planting trees.


Nara Tea Company offers authentic Japanese tea ceremony tools to the world at affordable prices.

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